My Anointed Videos  and Manifestation pages is definitely where you will direct your life by the reform of changing your mindset, You do NOT have to go through life in darkness and in lack. When you suffer God within who is the I AM that you are suffer the same fate. You are given free will to be who how and what You DESIRE TO BE and to EXPERIENCE in your World Your life

Here You are able to enjoy Anointed POWERFUL Life changing Successes and great blessings to you!


Come out NOW of this vicious corrupted cycle of chaos and entrapment, I will bring you to a melting pot to mold and build prosperously and gird you in truths Strength and harmony to recapture your idled dreams and restore to you! Integrity and Respect, Your children and Your Birthright unto you!, Said the Spirit of the living God!



Manifesting is as simple and joyful as the breath you take, God was and is the First to Manifest, God instructs us to manifest, Manifestings is Faith, It is seeing with your inner spiritual eyes before actually having it in your physical world, The Lord said ask as if you already have  received it and you will. You are to Thank God first and then believe it in.

It says in Mark 11:24/ Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.


Intense Manifestation


The Intense Manifestation pages are powerful. And will greatly help program your subconscious mind to bring about your desires into your reality.. You can heal ourself, You can attract success in your life, You can cause Money to flow, and Yes you can turn back the hands of time in your appearance

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